2013 Infest Miami Photos

More pictures from 2013 Infest Miami coming soon. Some big boys came out to play today and many Nissan & Infiniti owners had some dope bagged rides. There were occasional you could not tell if they were static or bagged but none the less awesome. You will see our concave VMB5 and VMB9 on some of the G35, G37 and Lexus IS250/GS350 models. Our favorite shot has to be the red GS that looks like a mirror. Thanks again to InfestForum and the Velgen Wheels team for coming out.


2013 INFEST MIAMI G372013 INFEST MIAMI G35Infest Forum MiamiCopper VMB5 and VMB9VND_6405VND_6396VND_6392VND_6391Infest Miami 2013INFEST MIAMI FLORIDA 2013INFEST MIAMI 2013 photo 1