Hyundai Genesis Sedan

Overall the new Hyundai Genesis Sedan is a great car. Scott Huddleston’s 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 is the perfect, sporty daily driver. It goes under the radar. The four door Genesis, Hyundai’s first “sports sedan” launched worldwide in 2008. After spending several years on the road and gaining some experience in the luxury league, Hyundai launched it’s second generation model in 2014. The long sleek body lines give the Genesis a competitive modern look. The plasma glow that emits from the rear compliments the rest of the car, but also hints and some of the aggression lurking underneath the hood.

Velgen Wheels VMB5

Scott Huddleston decided to give the car a nice drop with Storm lowering springs. From there he decided to go with Velgen Wheels VMB5 Matte Gunmetal. He went with 20×9 & 20×10.5. The wheels compliment the car nicely. With the combination of good quality wheels, a good size tire (255/35/20 & 285/30/20) and a nice drop, the drive could not be better. Below are pictures for everyone to enjoy

Hyundai Genesis Sedan Velgen Wheels - 5 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Velgen Wheels - 4 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Velgen Wheels - 3 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Velgen Wheels - 2 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Velgen Wheels - 1

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