2013 Honda Accord with Ksport Air Suspension and Velgen Wheels

Gerardo Retamar from Jerry’s Auto Care Center recently upgraded from his coilovers to ourKsport Airtech Executive Air System on his 2013 Honda Accord. Jerry currently rides on 20×9 front and 20X10.5 rear Velgen VMB5 wheels that tuck nicely with help from our Executive air kit. The Executive kit features 4 way auto leveling using our ride height sensors for that perfect daily driving stance. Our kit features multiple preset settings thanks to the included OLED full color remote control. The Ksport Airtech system has features that many other companies do not have such as adjustable lower mounts enabling the car to still be low when fully aired up and allowing the car to go even lower depending on adjustment when aired out. The car and Jerry’s shop can be seen in Walcott, CT. 2013 Honda Accord

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