We would like to give a BIG thanks to CJ Pony Parts & Ford for there beautiful Ford Racing Exhaust cat back system. After a few days of waiting for a day to become available for the install, we were finally able to install the Ford Racing Exhaust made for our 2015 Mustang GT. Ford branded this style as the Touring model. With only a few mods done to the Mustang, we could immediately feel a difference in performance and an amazing exhaust note.
  1. First mod we added was the Airaid For Mustang 5.0 cold air intake with a red filter. You can hear and feel the big S550 motor can finally breath more air.
  2. Second mod we installed was the Ford Racing Exhaust - Touring edition. In-car highway and street driving volume are exactly what we were looking for. Unlike many exhausts made for the Mustang GT, we wanted to be able to talk on the phone, really hear the beast growl on open throttle, and of course a idle with sound better than stock.
We will be taking the 2015 Ford Mustang GT to the dyno this week to get before & after results. We will be involved in many Mustang events for 2015 so stay tuned! Here's a few little clips that we have gathered to bring a you a full before and after. We have many mods coming , please stay tuned and you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram , Twitter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttlW1qrFSKo

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