Chrome Audi R8 // Velgen Wheels // Gloss Black VMB5

Yup its a Chrome Audi R8 photographed across the street from Miami Airlines Arena in Downtown. With the R8 being a classic super car, our customer wanted to go outside of the box and wrap his car in a color. After much debate he decided in chrome then installed a set of cast VMB5 wheels to compliment the new look. Our photographer did have a hard time choosing where to shoot the R8 due to the reflections. Luckily for us there was a bit of an overcast. Chrome Audi R8// VELGEN VMB5 GLOSS BLACK // 20X9 & 20X10.5 Chrome Audi R8 // VELGEN VMB5 GLOSS BLACK // 20X9 & 20X10.5

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