Ford F150 Lifted Velgen Forged Truck Series VFT9 Satin Black 20x10 Whipple Super Charger built by DDR

For those who are wanting a truck wheel that has great street looks but can easily be used with all terrain tires, the Velgen VFT9 wheels are a perfect choice. As seen on this beautiful white F150 built by DDR, these wheels are a great addition to a truck that is going to be seeing a little bit of off-roading. These split 9-spoke wheels are the perfect mixture of sleek and rugged styling, ready to take on just about anything. Built from Forged MonoBloc, these wheels are offered in 22-24" diameters. This specific DDR-Built F150 is sporting a set of satin black 20x10 Velgen VFT9 wheels.


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