Ford Mustang S550 | Vortech Supercharger 1000 HP BC Coilovers VF5 20x10 / 20x11 Gloss Silver

Ford Mustangs were meant to be customized and what better way than with a set of premium Mustang wheels. As seen on this Vortech Supercharged Mustang GT, the lightweight series Velgen VF5 wheels really help to give this S550 a whole new look. Featuring a silver finish and a 20x10 front with a 20x11 rear, you get the perfect look in contrast to the black paint on this 2016 Mustang. This staggered sizing gives you that classic American muscle car look without compromising fitment. The VF5 wheels are going to feature a 5 split spoke design that is perfect for any street or strip use Mustang.

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