J5 Suspension & Velgen Wheels Join Together \\ J5 Catalog coming soon

J5 Suspension & Velgen Wheels Join Forces

J5 Suspension is rather new into the Lexus community and needed help fitting a set of coilovers on the new style IS350 so we gave a hand. Our sales guy, Ray recently sold his BMW 335 for a Lexus IS350 so we had the opportunity to collaborate with J5 Suspension on a new coilover system. Now the car rides perfect and they are in full production, J5 wants to put us in their catalog! We are super excited to collaborate with J5 on a few more future projects coming up. Anyone looking for the best affordable coilover system, contact us and we will put you in contact. J5 suspension 4J5_1_20¦S+¦-÷_05 J5_18_19_¦S+¦-÷ 2J5_12_13¦S+¦-÷ J5 suspension 2014 catalog