Jeep Trackhawk Lowered Eibach Suspension Velgen Wheels Light Weight Series. VF5 Gloss Gunmetal 20x10.5 with 295-45-20 Conti

Hitting the car scene with a surprise, Dodge came with the heat with the Jeep TrackHawk. This track ready SUV is not only ready to hit the strip, it looks much more aggressive than your standard Jeep. While there are not many things you really have to do to the TrackHawk to get them looking better than they are, swapping to aftermarket wheels is always a great choice. Velgen Wheels is here for TrackHawk owners, giving them light-weight, sporty wheels to choose from that fit the TrackHawk perfectly. As seen on this silver TrackHawk, the Velgen VF5 wheels in gunmetal made for the perfect addition. The 22x10.5 setup on all four corners filled out the wheel wells perfectly for a clean, higher end look.



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