Matte White CLS550 Final Picture's.

Matte White CLS550 on VMB5

Boom here are the Matte White CLS550 photoshoot images ready for the world to see. This CLS is just amazing from every angle. The concave rear wheels make the booty of the CLS seem bigger while keeping an inside the fender feel. Putting power to the ground is not a problem since our concave wheels are 10.5" in the rear. While the photoshoot started on the highway we landed at Tropical Park for a change of scenery. The VMB5 in Matte Gunmetal compliment the feel of the Matte White CLS550. Almost like this should have been an option from Mercedes on the non-AMG models. Thoughts? mercedes-cls550-white-velgen-vmb5-cast-wheels-concave-11 mercedes-cls550-white-velgen-vmb5-cast-wheels-concave-13 mercedes-cls550-white-velgen-vmb5-cast-wheels-concave-7 mercedes-cls550-white-velgen-vmb5-cast-wheels-concave-5 mercedes-cls550-white-velgen-vmb5-cast-wheels-concave-12 mercedes-cls550-white-velgen-vmb5-cast-wheels-concave-8 mercedes-cls550-white-velgen-vmb5-cast-wheels-concave-6 mercedes-cls550-white-velgen-vmb5-cast-wheels-concave-4 mercedes-cls550-white-velgen-vmb5-cast-wheels-concave-2 mercedes-cls550-white-velgen-vmb5-cast-wheels-concave-9 mercedes-cls550-white-velgen-vmb5-cast-wheels-concave-3 Matte White CLS550 mercedes-cls550-white-velgen-vmb5-cast-wheels-concave-1

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