Nissan GTR VMB5 20x9 & 20x10.5 // Custom Powder Coated

Nissan GTR on VMB5 concave wheels

One of the first Nissan GTR to step foot with a set of 20" VMB5 wheels. Our fitment clears the huge factory Brembo brakes and sits flush within the fenders both front and rear. This is just a teaser until the customer gets back from vacation and we can setup a proper photoshoot. These VMB5 were custom powdercoated in a gloss gunmetal to match the car and was chosen by the customer. We heard he has a few modifications arriving shortly so we can not wait to see this beast finished soon. In the meantime enjoy tease of a Nissan GTR R35 on a set of Velgen VMB5 wheels. nissan gtr velgen wheels 2 Nissan GTR Velgen Wheels

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