What Are Concave Wheels?

If you have been looking for the next wheel for your vehicle, you have most likely come across various styles, including concave wheels. Concave wheels have become increasingly popular over the years, with even some car manufacturers offering more factory wheel options that are concave. To get a better understanding of what concave wheels are and how they differ from standard wheels, let’s dive in and take a closer look.

What Are Concave Wheels?

Understanding Concave Wheels

Concave wheels are a staple in the world of aftermarket wheels, known for their distinctive inward curve towards the center of the wheel. This design not only gives your vehicle a sportier look but also serves a functional purpose. The concave shape creates a deeper dish behind the spokes, giving the wheel a more dynamic and aggressive look. This design also allows for larger brake calipers to fit neatly behind the wheel, improving braking performance. Car enthusiasts often choose concave wheels to get a sleek and upgraded appearance that sets their ride apart from the crowd.

Concave vs Deep-Dish Wheels

When choosing aftermarket wheels for your car, you will most likely run into both concave and deep-dish choices. While looking at photos of them side by side should be able to give you a visual representation of the two, it is important to know exactly what the difference is.

The biggest difference between concave and deep-dish wheels is the placement and shape of the face of the wheel. On concave wheels, the face of the wheel is attached to the outer edge of the wheel and concaves into the center. For deep-dish wheels, the face is usually a flatter design and is recessed into the wheel, resting on the inner side of the dish.

Can You Rotate Concave Wheels?

Yes, you can rotate concave wheels, but the process might be a bit different depending on whether your vehicle has a staggered setup (different wheel sizes for the front and rear). For non-staggered setups, where all wheels are the same size, you can follow a standard rotation pattern like front-to-back or cross-rotation to ensure even tire wear. However, if you have a staggered setup, where the rear wheels are wider than the front, you can only rotate the tires on the same axle. This will also be affected if you are running directional tires, so we recommend taking your vehicle to a trusted shop to have your tires rotated.

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