What Are Deep-Dish Wheels?

When it comes to upgrading your wheels, deep-dish wheels stand out as a popular choice that combines style with performance. At Velgen Wheels, we're dedicated to providing premium aftermarket wheels that not only enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle but also improve its handling and performance capabilities.

Deep-dish wheels are characterized by their distinctive concave design, where the rim extends further outwards from the center hub. In this blog, we'll explore what makes deep-dish wheels unique, why they're favored by car enthusiasts, and how they can give your ride that aggressive stance you've been looking for. 

What Are Deep-Dish Wheels?

Understanding Deep-Dish Wheels

Deep-dish wheels are easy to distinguish from other aftermarket wheels as unlike other wheels where the edge of the wheel face is attached to the outer rim edge, deep-dish wheels have a lip that places the face of the wheel further into the wheel. This design not only adds a touch of style but also allows for creative customization options, such as different finishes and spoke designs, to match your personal taste and the look of your vehicle. Whether you're wanting a sleek modern look or a more old-school muscle car look, deep-dish wheels offer versatility for just about any type of car.

Performance and Handling

Deep-dish wheels are generally offered in wider widths than regular wheels, allowing you to run a wider tire. A wider tire can provide a larger contact patch with the road surface, allowing you to get better acceleration and braking performance. Not to mention, cornering and overall handling can improve as well. Of course, wider wheels with the right stance is always a great visual upgrade as well!

How Do You Rotate Deep-Dish Wheels?

One of the most common questions asked about deep-dish wheels is how do you rotate tires? There are many different ways you can look at this as some people might be running all 4 wheels as deep-dish wheels in the same size, some may have rear-only deep-dish wheels, and some people may be using directional tires. The drivetrain will also affect how the tires will need to be rotated, so we recommend taking your vehicle to a reputable shop for tire rotations. The most important thing to notate is that if you are running deep-dish wheels in the rear only with non-directional tires, you can only rotate those tires on the same axle, from one side to the other. If you are running directional tires, the tires will need to be dismounted for the tire rotation.

Why Choose Velgen Wheels?

If you are looking for a luxury deep-dish wheel for your car, Velgen Wheel’s Forged SL Series is a great way to upgrade your vehicle. Built for car enthusiasts who are looking for a forged wheel that features designs capable of accenting cars, trucks, and SUVs alike, the SL Series from Velgen offers all of the above. With four different finishes, the SL Series offers great designs for various styles. Fully forged and manufactured from 6061-T6 Forged Aluminum, the Velgen Forged SL Series wheels are tested to the following standards: SAW, JWL, and VIA. Each SL Series wheel is offered in 18”-24” diameters and 5”-15” widths. These wheels can be made to fit any vehicle application.

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