Chevrolet Camaro Wheel Torque Specs

Whether you are reinstalling your factory wheels or installing a new set of Velgen wheels, knowing the correct wheel torque specs is essential to keeping your wheels secured to your Camaro. We here at Velgen have put together a comprehensive list of torque specs for the Chevrolet Camaro to make things easy for you.

What Are Wheel Torque Specs?

Wheel torque specs refer to the specific torque settings required for tightening a vehicle's wheel nuts or bolts. The manufacturer determines these specifications, and is typically found in the owner's manual or service manual. Maintaining the correct torque settings is crucial for the safe operation of your vehicle. Under-tightened wheel nuts can cause the wheel to come loose while driving while over-tightening can damage or cause the wheel studs to fail. It is important to use a torque wrench to ensure the nuts are tightened to the correct specifications and to periodically check that they remain tight during regular maintenance.

Chevrolet Camaro Wheel Torque Specs

The torque specs below should be used as a guide and you should check your user’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended torque spec. Some models and trim levels may require different specs.


Year Model

Torque Spec

1st Generation


Check Manual

2nd Generation


Check Manual

3rd Generation


80-100 ft lbs

4th Generation


100 ft lbs

5th Generation


110-122 ft lbs

6th Generation


140 ft lbs

Chevrolet Camaro Lug Nut Torque Sequence

Properly torquing lug nuts is crucial for maintaining the safety and performance of a vehicle. Here are the steps to follow when torquing lug nuts:

  1. Choose the correct torque specification: Refer to the vehicle owner's manual or the specifications above to determine the appropriate torque level for the lug nuts. It is important to use the correct specification as over-tightened lug nuts can damage the wheel or under-tightened lug nuts can result in the wheel coming loose.

  2. Tighten in a star pattern: Start with one lug nut and tighten to about half the torque specification. Move across to the opposite lug nut and repeat the process. Continue this pattern until all lug nuts are tightened to half the specification.

  3. Repeat the star pattern: Tighten each lug nut to the full torque specification in the same star pattern used in step 2. This ensures that the wheel is evenly tightened and reduces the risk of it coming loose.

  4. Use a torque wrench: It is best practice to use a torque wrench to achieve the correct torque level. A torque wrench can accurately measure the force applied to the lug nut and prevent over-tightening.

  5. Re-torque after driving: After driving for a short period of time, re-check and retorque the lug nuts to ensure they have not loosened. This is especially important after installing new wheels or tires.

By following these steps, you can properly torque your lug nuts and ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle. Remember to always use the correct torque specification and a torque wrench for accurate results.

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