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Starting at $925 ea. 18" - Starting at $925 ea.20" - Starting at $1,025 ea.22" - Starting at $1,125 ea.24" - Starting at $1,225 ea.

Diameters: 18" - 24" | Widths: 9" - 12.5"
  • Custom finishes are available.

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One of the newest wheels in the Velgen Truck Series is the Velgen DDR VFTS6 wheel. This wheel is a perfect example of what happens when you mix aftermarket and OEM+ styling. Velgen and DDR Concepts designed a wheel that is reminiscent of high-end factory wheels with a Forged MonoBloc construction to be used on the DDR Lightning. If you are wanting an aftermarket wheel for your truck but do not want to upgrade to a design that is on the wild side, the DDR VFTS6 is a great option.

The VTSK is going to feature a 6 spoke, bent spoke design, similar to what you would see on many higher-end trim level trucks. These wheels have a DDR etching in one of the spokes and will be finished off with a custom Velgen center cap that is color-matched to your specific wheel finish. Choose from a variety of different wheel diameters, widths, and finishes to make these VFTS6 wheels match your truck and styling.

About Velgen Truck Series

The Velgen Truck Series wheels offer a high-quality, forged aluminum wheel to give your truck a completely different look. The Velgen Truck Series wheels are made from 6061-T6 Forged Aluminum that is available in 18”-24” diameters and custom widths. Each Velgen wheel is designed in the USA and manufactured to the highest quality. The Truck Series is also weight-optimized and is vehicle load/GAWR specific. Velgen stands proudly behind each Truck Series wheel with our lifetime limited structural warranty.

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Any wheels that need to be returned to our facility must have a RMA, if any wheels that have been returned without a RMA will be returned back to shipper. Please make sure the wheels are packaged in the original Velgen packaging. Velgen Wheels will accept returned wheels if they have NOT been mounted with tires. Once the wheels have been mounted with tires, they CAN NOT be returned! Any wheels that are returned within 30 days of purchase, there will be a 30% restocking fee.

Velgen Wheels offer’s a 5 Year Manufacture Warranty & LIFE TIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY. To any of our customer’s who have a warranty issue, please contact us direct to our warranty department to handle any warranty claims. Velgen’s warranty is only for the original purchaser. Please make sure all wheels are test fitted for proper fitment and brake clearance.

Not Warrantied:

Velgen Wheels are not for track purposes.

Curb rash wheels , rock chips , improper tire mounting , improper installation, improper mounting equipment is Not covered under warranty. Please make sure the installer has the correct mounting machines to mount tire on Velgen Wheels. If you hit a POT HOLE and cause damage to the wheels, that is not covered under warranty. If you go through your favorite drive thru and curb a wheel, thats not covered under warranty.

Stretched Tires:

We all know everyone wants the stretch look, however stretched tires does not give the wheel full support. Vehicles that use improper tire size or tire fitment may cause damage to the wheels as in Curb Rash, Bent ,or Crack Wheel. Improper tire fitment at high speed or cornering may even pull the bead from the wheel. For correct tire sizes and fitment, please feel free to contact us any time. It is up to the customer’s discretion to use an improper tire size.

Velgen Wheel & Tire Fitment & Installation:

To ALL Velgen Customers, please contact us for Tire Size Recommendations and any Wheel Fitment questions. We are not responsible for the retailer for installing incorrect tire sizes on your vehicle. Please make sure the shop / store has the correct mounting machines. Improper amount machine may cause damage to wheel. PLEASE make sure wheels are test fitted before mounting tires for brake clearance.

Wheel Maintenance:

We recommend the use of soap and water ” Standard Car Soap & Water “. We are NOT responsible for any stains or damage caused by chemicals , detergent’s , automatic car washes , polishing compounds , or coarse abrasive’s on Velgen Wheels. Velgen Wheels should not be cleaned while the wheels are HOT. Using chemicals , detergent’s , polishing compounds , automatic car washes may cause stains on the wheels, that is not covered under warranty.

Materials & Structure:

Velgen Wheels Light Weight Series are Manufactured in Flow Form Technology.The Flow Form Technology is one of the latest advanced wheels manufacturing process to date. The Flow Form Technology is created to pursue the balance between rigidity, strength, lightweight by applying this technology into the wheels during manufacture process. When casting is complete, the wheel is heated and placed in the Flow Forming machine and is spun as as two steel rollers with high pressure spins out the inner barrel to the correct specifications to the manufacturing specs needed.  Flow Form does not mean FORGED!

Velgen Forged Truck Series

Velgen Forged Truck Series are a Mono Bloc Forged Wheel. These wheels are custom built to order per Vehicle application. There will be no cancelation on production orders The Velgen Truck Series comes with a 3 year manufacture finish warranty and a Life Time Structural Warranty for the original purchaser, Second hand purchase will loose all rights to warranty claims. Please advise all installer’s for correct & updated mounting & balancing equipment. Any damage due to product will be installer / customer liability. Please test fit all wheels prior to mounting. Once wheels are mounted, YOU OWN THEM. For any other concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Velgen Forged Wheels "Made in USA"

Velgen Forged Wheels are custom made to order and manufactured and built in the USA. Normal manufacture time will be 6-8 weeks. Velgen Wheels will guarantee fitment per application per order, if custom fitments are ordered and custom offsets are ordered, the vendor and customer is liable for fitment for their application. No returns or Exchanges. Installing custom forged wheels, Please make sure the following. A.) Check all wheels before mounting tires, if any imperfections , dents , scratches or shipping damage, please contact us before mounting. B.) Please test fit each wheel and make sure all wheels clear the brakes. C.) Please make sure you have the correct tires sizes , if not sure or don't know, CONTACT US. D.) Installation: Please make sure installer has updated mount and balance machines. Improper mounting may break seal or damage lips to the wheels. ALL orders will be shipped directly to Vendor location. NO EXCEPTIONS! Improper Wheel Cleaning: Please make sure you use soap and water, please make sure wheels are washed when cold. Washing Hot Wheels may cause stains or marks or damage. Using improper wheel cleaner may cause stains or marks or damage. Velgen Forged Warranty is for the original purchaser, second hand purchase will not have warranty. There are NO RETURN'S or EXCHANGES on custom built wheels.  PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL CUSTOM WHEELS ARE CHECKED AND TEST FITTED WHEN IN 15 DAYS OF RECEIVING THEM.

Deposits on Custom Built Orders

Due to the price and manufacturing time of our products, we may choose to offer a deposit option to customers to split the payments on their products. A deposit is a binding contract to purchase a product. A deposit can be used to start an order, with the understanding that the balance due will be paid upon completion prior to shipment. Due to the custom nature of our products, deposits are NON REFUNDABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Deposits are non-transferrable. Upon completion of a product, a client has up to 10 days to remit payment for the balance due on their product. Failure to pay the balance due within this time period will result in the forfeiture of both deposit and product.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team is ready to answer any questions about our wheels.

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